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How it works
Bob thinks Alice's Twitter account deserves more attention, so he buys upvotes for it, increasing its rank.
Bob's money is held in a lending protocol where it earns interest. That interest gets paid to Alice. Alice makes money until Bob sells his upvotes.
Charlie explores Ideamarket, and finds Alice's Twitter and buys more upvotes. Bob can now sell his upvotes at a higher price, or continue to hold.

Maximize return-on-attention.

Buy votes to increase a listing’s rank.

The price increases as more people buy.

Meet our team

  • Mike Elias

    Founder and CEO

    Mike was the first employee at Global Liquidity, a Blocktower-funded startup building 3D trading interfaces. Mike is also a musician and psychology writer with several guest posts on Ribbonfarm.

  • Alexander Schlindwein

    CTO and Chief Architect

    Alexander has been developing Ethereum smart contracts for over 4 years. He built MakerAuctions, contributed to rDAI, and claimed one the largest bug bounties in the history of Ethereum.

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